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Barns for Sale

Using the Old Barn Wood site, you can buy and sell barns for your next reclaimed wood project.  Listings are free for individuals or companies wanting to find a buyer for their barn wood.

Before listing your old barn here are some tips to help sell your barn faster.

  1. Quality Photos – Be sure to include good pictures of your barn, both inside and out.
  2. History of the Barn – Include the year built and anything special or historic about it. Interesting stories about the history will help with the sale.
  3. Dimensions – How big is the barn?
  4. Details – Any pertinent information about the species of wood, type of beams whether hand hewn or rough timber.
  5. Removal Information – List your expectations on how long someone has to remove the wood and any other important considerations.
  6. Location – Don’t forget to add your location!

Also be sure to let the buyer know about the condition of the barn and if there are any concerns about removal.  If the barn is about to fall over and special equipment may be needed to hold it up, let the buyers know.  They may not be in a position to handle that scale of removal and it’s better to not waste your time or theirs.

Add your Barn for Sale!


If don’t want to tackle dismantling a barn and just want some boards, check out our barnwood for sale page.

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