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Old Barn Wood

Reclaimed wood, while not only beautiful, is also a great use of a recycled natural resource.  Finding old barn wood is becoming more of a challenge because of the explosive growth of people buying it for their projects.   While using reclaimed wood for projects has been going on for a long time, it didn’t become popular until the early 2000s.

It’s easy to see why reclaimed lumber is in such high demand. These boards are impossible to replicate the look and feel of reclaimed wood. Aged wood that has been weathered for 100 years and bleached in the sun makes for a dramatic look that can’t be recreated in a factory.  Then there is the warm, rustic vibe that adds a bit of history to a home since no two barns look the same.

Reclaimed barn wood can be made into a variety of products like barn wood furniture, accent walls, rustic picture frameswood floors and much more.

Pricing for barn wood will vary depending on the age and type of wood.  A few factors include:

  • Age of the wood – Old-growth timber that is hard to find will be at a premium.
  • Species – Oak and Chestnut timber is more valuable than softer woods like Douglas Fir and many softer pines.
  • Condition – Structural qualities like straightness and dryness along with aesthetics like the weathering, patina, screw and nail holes and so on. is a resource to help people with their barn wood products.  Check out the great projects in addition to our free directory of for people who want to buy and sell reclaimed barn wood.

Alternativley, if you are looking for ways to make new wood look old, check out our article on how to with common, non-toxic chemicals and household tools.

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